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Why to choose Tomioka silk?


Tomioka silk mill (UNESCO),
150 years of history and local pride

Tomioka is proud of a world-famous silk culture. Tomioka silk mill, built in 1872, greatly contributed to the technological revolution in the production of Japanese silk. Moreover, sericulture farmers in Tomioka supported the mass production of high quality silk. After the silk mill ceased operations, silk lovers, eager to protect the sericulture industry and perpetuate the use of techniques passed down from generation to generation, developed the so-called “Tomioka silk”.


More than 200 sunny days a year and a cool breeze, a privileged nature for the breeding of silkworms.

With its many surrounding mountains, including Mount Myogi, and its pure water river Kabura-gawa, the city of Tomioka is rich in abundant natural resources. The climate is mild with in average 14℃, and more than 200 sunny days a year. The refreshing, low-humidity breeze blowing in the region has produced a pleasant environment for the silkworms, which do not appreciate humidity. Draining soils also favor the cultivation of mulberry trees, the leaves of which constitute the main diet of silkworms. Thus, lush mulberry fields embellish the landscapes of Tomioka.


A 100% locally-produced silk,
fruit of the passion of local farmers

In Japanese, the character for silkworms (蚕) consists of two keys, "worm" (虫) and "heaven" (天). Etymologically, they are heavenly worms, gifts from heaven. In Tomioka, some silkworm farmers speak of silkworms with respectful affection, calling them "beloved silkworms" ("oko-sama"). Authentic Tomioka silk is born from the passion of sericulture farmers from 8 farms. They carefully produce 100% local silk, a feature that has become rare in the silk industry. All products of Tomioka silk brand are spun, woven, dyed and processed in Japan with exemplary traceability.


"NAMABIKI silk", silk produced with cocoons just harvested, a "living silk" that adapts to everyone

GUNMAHOSO” is a category of rare cocoons produced by only a few silk farmers in Gunma prefecture. "NAMABIKI silk" is a silk of unique refinement, obtained by reeling these high quality cocoons harvested in spring, without prior drying in hot air. The silk produced with this ultra-fine thread is translucent white and has an incomparable shine. The more the products are worn, the more they adapt to the consumer, while the suppleness and shine improve. Raw silk is by definition alive. In Japanese, we speak of “kiito” (生糸), “nama” (生) means “raw, alive” and “ito” (糸) means “silk thread”. Enjoying the changes in the material over time is one of the charms of Tomioka silk.

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